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Ground Broken on Future “Fast Ferry Cancellation” Site

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NANAIMO — Civic leaders broke ground on the site of the announcement of the inevitable cancellation of Nanaimo’s planned fast ferry this week.

The fast ferry project, known as Hullo, is set to launch this summer. But, of course, the project will be cancelled just prior to that launch, and local politicians joined company representatives to proudly show off the future site of the cancellation announcement.

“We’re so thrilled to finally have a place for our forthcoming project cancellation,” said Hullo CEO Nathan Poe. “We know that the mid-Island has long needed a faster passenger connector to the Mainland, and we are honoured to be one of a number of companies that will get residents’ hopes up, only to dash their hopes.”

Nanaimo mayor Leonard Krog deployed his internationally recognized brachioradialis and triceps brachii muscles to lift 20 tonnes of soil from the cancellation location.

The company’s web site hints at its future, asking people to sign up to an email list.


  1. djb

    If only we thought you are exaggerating 😀
    I have to add that I love the fact that most media are calling the people involved ‘the Operators’ when the vessels haven’t yet left south Asian waters, not traveled to our west coast, haven’t had any Canadian trials yet.

    Like everybody else, I would welcome this venture but not yet. Reality first.

  2. Terrance Ducks

    What the heck, they haven’t even tried to break the space time continuum by going back and pacing a Patreon link on their site?

  3. Susan Juby

    Hello? Is this the home of the icons of breaking news? If so, please continue to excel beyond all measure.

  4. Joan Rattray

    Brilliant. Love your sense of humour.

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