From the “We Can’t Believe We Have to Say This” files…

You’ve probably been directed here because you said the Nanaimo Beacon is “fake news.”

It is not.

It is satire.

There’s a difference.

Fake News is designed to mislead. There’s no attempt at humour, and there’s no pointing out idiocies in the story. Fake News pretends to be real in every sentence and every breath.

Satire, on the other hand, is obviously humour to anyone who bothers to read the article.

“The content is, obviously, satirical.
Or, at least, it should be obvious.

Some people go off their nuts when they react to the Beacon’s headlines without actually reading the stories.

Then, when the truth dawns, they grumble about “fake news,” though there’s a big difference between fake news, which is meant to mislead, and satire, which is meant to do the opposite. Satire just revels in the absurd.”

— Jack Knox, Times Colonist newspaper

For instance, in our piece about the Conservatives putting guns in the hands of school children, it refers to the party leader as “the Dark Overlord” and claims the party supports putting senior citizens on ice floes to die.

If you’re not able to see the obvious lunacy in that, then the issue here is your lack of critical thinking skills.