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Nanaimo’s New “Enhanced for Fitness” Bike Lanes -3

City/Politics, Health

UPDATE: This story has been updated with comments from Nanaimo citizens; see bottom of article.

NANAIMO — Mid-Island residents will soon have an easier way to keep fit, thanks to what the City of Nanaimo calls “Fitness-Enhanced” bicycle lanes.

The lanes have raised sections every eight feet, and cyclists will need to slowly pedal up tiny hills throughout their journey.

A City report estimates it will at least triple the amount of time it takes to travel on flat grades, but that’s “a small price to pay for your health,” according to Nathan Poe, the City’s Director of Fitness Adaptations. Poe says the idea for the initiative came after staff members reported being mesmerized by Mayor Leonard Krog’s internationally recognized gastrocnemius and soleus calf muscles.

“Honestly, we should all be as fit as His Worship,” he added.

Use of the new routes will be mandatory, and enforced by new City bylaws requiring cyclists to take the steep side of the bike lanes.

It should be noted that there are also level-grade sections of all the new cycling lanes, but use of those will be reserved to residents who have paid to be part of the City’s “Nanaimo Plus” membership program.


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