B.C. Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson says he now regrets a “poor choice of words” when he said in the legislature last week that doing methamphetamine was “a groovy way to spend a weekend” and that people who use the drug are “so woke.”

“The statement in the legislature was referring my own life experience,” Wilkinson said in an interview with CBC Radio “And I was talking about that period from 17 years old to 35, when I was…”

Early Edition host Stephen Quinn interrupted “I’m sorry, you did meth?”

Wilkinson: “No… no. Not at all. I mean, it was all very confusing. You know, I added it up last night and I actually moved 19 times during that period.”

Quinn: “Yes, but what does that have to do with using meth?”

Wilkinson: “Meth? Who said anything about meth? I said math.”

Quinn: “Hansard has it recorded as ‘meth.'”

Wilkinson: “Hansard office is run by fucking NDP skallywags.”

From a CBC Radio interview

This week, Wilkinson also backed down from saying in the legislature that renting was “fun” and a “wacky time of life.” The B.C. Liberal party leader experienced backlash from renters and political opponents.

Wilkinson has had a difficult time with his words lately, referring to senior citizens as “geezers,” saying moms who have kids in childcare are “basically Octomom, you know, from that porn movie?”, and saying people with mental health challenges are “cray cray.”

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