The Nanaimo campus of Vancouver Island University has added a course, teaching people how to be adults in a snow storm.

“After watching Nanaimo residents basically turn into petulant children when a little bit of snow fell, we decided to make room in our curriculum for a program on how to adult properly during adverse winter conditions,” said VIU Dean Jimmy Rallie.

“Sadly, our course schedule is quite full, so we will only be able to run this course during our summer program,” he added.

VIU’s new academic calendar contains course on being an adult in a snow storm.

The course instructor is Sarah Guild, an 18-year old business student at VIU. “Honestly, my dad has turned into a little baby. All he does is stare out the window and mumbles about property taxes going to waste. It’s embarrassing.”

“If I can help even a few Nanaimo residents act like actual adults, I’ll feel happy.”

Rallie said if the program is successful, VIU will offer a follow-up course called How to Take Pictures of Patio Furniture Covered in Snow and Share Them on Instagram.