NANAIMO — An “unfortunate budget issue” is responsible for an embarrassing typo on Nanaimo’s newest piece of civic art.

The art piece, consisting of five-foot high letters, was erected [editor’s note: giggety] on a concrete pad at Maffeo Sutton Park today. However, the City says recent unexpected expenses related to COVID-19 support meant they could only afford six letters, instead of the seven required to spell the city’s name correctly.

Thus the sign, in front of Swy-A-Lana Lagoon, spells “NANIMO.”

“I knew pretty much right away,” noted Mayor Leonard Krog, who was on hand to personally lift each 420-lb letter into place, using his internationally recognized Coracobrachialis muscle. “But what can you do?”

The letters are made of galvanized steel, with the final letter depicting a Casino spin wheel, meant to represent the risky nature of the City’s future.

City director of community development Bill Corsan said the artwork should last 10 years or longer.

There are no plans to purchase the additional missing “A.”

The popular Facebook Group “A Better Nanaimo” has begun fundraising efforts to bring the missing “A” back.

Photo courtesy NanaimoNewsNOW — see their original article