Saying it was “30 seconds that I’ll never, ever get back,” Chase River llama rancher Eddie McGee is suing the provincial government to recover the lost time he spent completing the BC Speculation tax exemption form.

“I totally want to help the housing crisis, you know, be a part of the solution and all,” McGee told The Beacon. “But filling out a form? Yeah, fuck that.”

The B.C. government says the speculation and vacancy tax is “a key measure” in tackling the housing crisis in major urban centres in British Columbia, where home prices and rents have skyrocketed out of reach for many British Columbians.

Following is a transcript of The Beacon‘s interview with McGee:

McGee: “I don’t even have stamps, for God’s sake. Do they expect me to leave the house and pick up some stamps?”

The Beacon: “You can submit it online.”

McGee: “I don’t like computers. The NDP uses them to control your mind.”

The Beacon: “The form work on smartphones too.”

McGee: “Smartphone? Ha! You must think I’m made of money!”

The Beacon: “You can also call them.”

McGee: “Long distance to Victoria?! Do I look like a fancy-pants to you?”

The Beacon: “It’s toll-free.”

McGee: “Yeah, but I work during the day. I’m not going to just…”

The Beacon: “They take calls until 8 o’clock at night.”

McGee: “I mean, can’t they let me do this on the weekend when it’s more convenient?”

The Beacon: “You can. They’re open weekends too.”

McGee: (pauses for a full minute) “No hablo English.”

The Beacon: “They provide free translation services.”

McGee: “You know what? Get the fuck out of my house.”

The B.C. government has not filed a defence in the case, which will be heard some time in 2027.

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