NANAIMO — The City of Nanaimo has finally decided on an official song for the city, ending a years-long search for music that embodies the spirit of the Harbour City.

The winning song, by prolific American musician and songwriter Matt Farley, is called “Nanaimo is on Vancouver Island.”

It’s a peculiar selection for a number of reasons: The songwriter mispronounces the name of the city, and the lyrics appear to be inspired by Nanaimo’s Wikipedia entry. Worse, despite dozens of entries from local musicians, the city’s culture committee decided on an American songwriter.

Matt Farley’s most lucrative band is the “Toilet Bowl Cleaners,” which sing songs about fecal matter.

“I truly will not understand this selection,” said David Narvarro, a local songwriter. “Pretty much every decent musician in the City — and I mean both of them — applied for this. I don’t get why an American gets this prize.” Also, this is a satire piece; none of it is true.

Farley will receive $1.2 million in a City grant for his work. His most recent album was titled “Important Songs About Washington State Cities Because.” His Wikipedia page has more information.

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels