Concerned about the increasing accident rate at the intersection of Jingle Pot Road and Westwood Road, the City of Nanaimo will install a profanity-laced illuminated sign, encouraging drivers to “slow the f**k down.”

“We believe this new signage will appeal to a wider cross-section of Nanaimo residents,” said City of Nanaimo director of signage Hayden Moss. “It’s important to speak their language.”

ICBC says crashes at the Jingle Pot-Westwood intersection jumped from just three in 2013 to 18 in 2017. The area usually sees 15,000 vehicles a day on the two roads.

Last month’s plan to curb the accident rate was shelved after three of the school-children hired to hand out vehicle safety leaflets in the middle of the intersection were injured by speeding cars. Moss called the program “a disaster.” The children remaining in the program have been moved to the city’s new Bin Compliance program.

The $1.4-million project will also include a new traffic light, more sidewalks and bike lanes, and some repaving work.

If this program is a success, Moss says the City has other signs ready to be deployed, including one reading “None of us want you here,” on the offramp from Departure Bay Terminal.

Traffic is also expected to be eased somewhat thanks to the addition of a second bus route.

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