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His videos landed in the country’s top viral social media feeds.

But now, the “singing superintendent” has landed in hot water.

RCMP today charged Scott Saywell with “acoustical assault” — the first time the charge has been laid in Canada since the legislation’s original passage (sometimes referred to as “the Nickleback Law”).

“We take this matter very seriously,” said RCMP spokesperson Dana Testin. “It simply isn’t right for someone to sing two full pitches off key without starting again.”

For his part, Saywell said he acknowledged that his singing was off-key, but said he had intended to improve, before the weather turned nice.

Dozens of parents flooded The Beacon’s phone lines with complaints of Saywell’s performance, but our investigation shows that District trustees last month quietly passed a bylaw which indemnifies him against any civil legal action which may be coming.

LEAKED: Minutes from a recent in-camera session of the school district.

Saywell is being represented by former Nanaimo chief administrative officer Tracy Samra who said she would pursue a legal strategy of constant delays and postponements.