OTTAWA — Following the resignation of beleaguered Governor General Julie Payette, the Trudeau government has announced the appointment of Tracy Samra to the role.

Samra, who now goes by the name Tracy Fleck for reasons that have nothing to do with damning Google results, begins the job immediately.

“We made a mistake when we hired Ms Payette,” admitted Privy Council clerk Nathan Poe. “We didn’t check her references or past work history which included the alleged abuse of employees.”

“Obviously, we’re not going to make the same mistake with Ms. Samra,” he assured media.

Samra was fired as Nanaimo’s chief administrative officer in 2018 after allegedly making threats against a number of city council members and journalists. Reports said she made the City Hall a toxic workplace.

It’s been a quick rise for Samra, who just this month had been hired by the federal government to oversee Indigenous advisory committees for the TMX pipeline.

Asked for comment at her installation, Samra told the assembled media to “go fuck yourselves.”

After losing her City of Nanaimo job, Samra began offering tours to incoming cruise ship visitors. Her popular “Nanaimo’s Best Gardens and Houses I’d Like to Bomb” tour was among the industry’s most popular.