NANAIMO — The City of Nanaimo will launch an optional monthly subscription program, offering additional services for those who pay extra, the Beacon has learned. 

The new plan, which confidential documents say will be announced in September, will see a reduction in police and fire coverage for those who choose to not pay the extra monthly subscription.

The subscription program adds two new tiers of service: Plus and Pro, each with their own additional services. 

At the top-tier category, which will cost $99 extra each month, citizens will be able to directly vote on Council motions, and have access to a 24/7  phone line where they simply need to tell operators they have garbage to pick up, and a City garbage truck will be dispatched immediately to pick it up.

The Beacon was leaked this information by a concerned Nanaimo staff member, who also provided this draft price chart:

When contacted by the Beacon, City staff declined to comment, saying the subscription program had not yet been announced.