A local business owner has walked away with a $32.5M investment from the CBC show Dragons’ Den, after she outlined her idea for a futuristic kind of technology that she claims can “treat” water and make it clean enough for consumption.

Lisa Hayward told the dragons that the opportunity for turning impure water into safe water could be a technology that could assist communities such as Nanaimo, which does not currently have functioning water treatment facilities.

“Recently, pretty much all of Nanaimo’s water became tainted. The City’s response was to encourage residents to not use water. That’s unacceptable in a modern society,” she said.

“This technology may seem like it comes from the future, but I promise it is possible to treat water without shutting down a city.”

But veteran dragon Arlene Dickenson expressed doubt. “Let me see if I have this straight. You are going to install some kind of robot? or machine? And this machine is going to treat the water, so people can bathe, cook, and water their lawns?”

“I don’t see the opportunity here,” Dickenson said. “I mean, it’s not like not having this kind of equipment functioning would cause a City to beg people to not use water. That’s just ridiculous.”

Hayward holds a patent on a futuristic technology which can “treat” water.

But other Dragons were convinced, and offered her $32.5M for a 20% stake in her company and twelve pounds of Nanaimo Bars.

At the end of the episode, Hayward’s partner Lindsay Cake proposed to her, causing many Dragons to tear up. They are the first couple to become engaged on the program.