by Bert Gomae

Finally, Sheila Malcolmson has brought some respect to the office of our provincial legislature.

After many years of being ignored, the traditional peoples, led by 80s singer Olivia Newton-John, are being shown that they have not been forgotten by our leaders.

It was a delight to watch new Nanaimo MLA Malcolmson respectfully don the traditional headband, in a solemn swearing-in ceremony, playfully adding “Let’s get physical!” to a chorus of laughter in the chamber.

Former premier Christy Clark notably refused to wear the headband, claiming — in an astonishing display of cultural ignorance — that it was “out of date” and an “old meme.” Shame on her. Even during the hottest Summer Nights, she should have paid tribute.

In fact, this lovely symbol of our common heritage was first worn not by a premier, but by a premier’s wife — Lillian Vander Zalm, who was hopelessly devoted to our province.

Lillian Vander Zalm, pictured right, wearing the traditional headband of Olivia Newton-John.

It’s about time our leaders paid attention to the great heritage that Olivia Newton-John gave us.

And Ms. Malcomson has taken the first step. She’s The One That I Want.