The Pulitzer Prize winning* satire site The Nanaimo Beacon has unveiled the first volley in its planned hostile acquisition of all local media.

And that volley is: A spanky new logo:

“Is it a lighthouse?” asked Beacon publisher Angela Ziegler. “Or is it a rolled up newspaper? Or is it a dunce cap? Really, it’s all of these, depending of course on whether you’re currently doing an indica blend or a hybrid blend.”

The satire site says the logo is the opening salvo in the next phase of its aggressive growth plan — next up: hostile takeover of all local media, “including,” said Ziegler “Whatever the hell that prehistoric web site that Merv runs is.”

The real jewel in the crown, of course, is local campus/community station CHLY, which The Beacon intends to acquire and flip to a 24-hour throat-singing format.

* Pending