NANAIMO — The local NDP riding association says it is so confident it will win the Nanaimo-Ladysmith federal by-election, that it won’t be nominating a candidate until after the election is held.

“Honestly, we’re going to win. It’s Vancouver Island, for god’s sake,” said NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. “We’ll find someone once we win.”

The unusual decision means that voters will simply see the name “SOMEONE, WePickLater — NDP” on the ballot.

Regardless of the NDP’s plans, the Federal Liberals have already prepared attack ads for the unnamed candidate, with the tagline “You can’t trust him/her/them.”

Screenshot from a Liberal Party of Canada TV ad

Campaigning in Nanaimo today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had harsh words for the yet-unnamed candidate.

“Look, I know for a fact that he, she, or they won’t do a good job representing the mid-island. His, her, or their track record is terrible,” he said.