NANAIMO — As part of their annual fall Prevent Accidents program, Nanaimo RCMP have deployed cardboard cutouts of former city CFO Victor Mema in high-traffic areas.

The cutouts closely resemble Mema aiming a speed-detecting radar gun at traffic.

“We want motorists to really think about their driving,” explained corporal Châm Biếm. “Is speeding really worth points on your licence and a years-long claim filed against you with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal?”

“We hope motorists would agree — it’s just not worth it.”

The cardboard cutouts are equipped with small speakers that shout random things in Mema’s voice, including:

  • “Are you speeding because I’m black?”
  • “If you end up in an accident, I know a good Jaguar repair shop.”
  • “Slow down! Do you really want me to get Tracy over here?”

Mema’s human rights complaint against the City, accusing it of discriminating against his ancestry, race, place of origin and colour, has its public hearing scheduled for October 21.