NANAIMO — Nanaimo’s mayor Leonard Krog says he’s “rather enjoying being socially distant from Council” and doesn’t expect he’ll ever work from City Hall again.

Krog has been working from a small floating workspace just off Cameron Island since the pandemic lockdowns began in the Spring. His Worship hand-built the platform then, using his internationally recognized extensor digitorum longus leg muscles, personally pulled the workstation out to its current location.

“I just needed space,” said Krog. “It’s lovely out here.”

The platform contains everything he needs to run the City, including a filing cabinet, printer, Zoom virtual meeting software.

Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog virtually attends a health and housing task force meeting on October 14, 2020.

“I mean, it’s a little bit overboard,” said councillor Erin Hemmens. “No pun intended.”

Hemmens said Krog took to the water workstation after his popular Lick the Mayor event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

The mayor’s floating office has attracted hundreds of Island visitors.

“We think it’s just such a great example the Mayor is setting,” said Louisa Harris. “We bring our two daughters here every day to throw eggs at him, as our way of supporting what he’s doing.”

The family’s daily egg-throwing caught on, and over the last few weeks, dozens of Nanaimo residents have been tossing eggs at Mayor Krog. So much so, that the City today issued a special request to citizens to stop the practice.

It is not clear if the Mayor actually plans to remain on the platform indefinitely.