“Anywhere more than 50 people are gathered, group-licking shall be curtailed, effective immediately.”
— Island health authority

Nanaimo’s popular Lick the Mayor event has been cancelled this year, following concerns about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The event usually occurs on the second Saturday of March at Maffeo Sutton Park.

“It’s important for the safety of Mayor Krog that we restrict the application of other people’s tongues on his pristine, muscle-laden body,” said city official and personal trainer to the Mayor, Sheila Gurrie. “As I’m sure you know, His Worship’s quadriceps femoris and adductor magnus muscles are internationally renowned. It’s important that his muscles are not put at risk.”

Although COVID-19 originated from China, it has spread to many countries, including to Canada. A small number of cases in British Columbia are being closely managed. 

In place of the annual public event, Mayor Krog said he’s agreed to hold the popular event “virtually” via video conference. If you’d like to take part, visit the web site chaturbate.com/lickakrog any time this Saturday. Costs are $2.99 per minute.

Earlier this week, the City decided to quarantine affected residents in the shed behind Dave’s house.

Have questions about the COVID-19 Coronavirus?
Check HealthLink BC’s information page at healthlinkbc.ca/common-questions-about-covid-19