NANAIMO — Admitting that there “may be” much larger issues in the world, Harewood resident James Moody says he now concedes that his late garbage pickup “probably” isn’t the worst thing he’s ever experienced.

“I mean, I guess I have a house, and that’s pretty good, especially that there are a lot of people without homes at all in Nanaimo,” said Moody.

“And, sure, people are dealing with addiction and poverty,” he added.

“But I had to wait a whole fucking day for the city to come and take my garage away!”

Moody continued: “Do you have any idea how hard it is to put the bins back? And then… and then, I have to put them out again — all over again, the very next day!”

According to the City of Nanaimo’s recent study, 335 people in Nanaimo do not have homes where people come once a week to take their garbage away.