NANAIMO — Starting next month, Nanaimo residents will need to separate women’s products from their regular garbage.

Homes and businesses will be distributed large pink-coloured garbage bins in time for the change.

The City’s web site lists a number of items which are classified as what it calls “lady products,” including used lipstick containers, worn out heels, and any empty lotion bottles.

“It’s important to recognize the value of women in our community,” said Nanaimo’s director of gender equity Nathan Poe. “To be honest, we weren’t sure where to start, but these new pink bins should be a sign that Nanaimo truly cares about the ladies.”

Poe says items collected will not be recycled nor placed in the landfill. Instead, they will be taken to an incineration plant in Duncan. “I don’t really know exactly what lady products contain,” said Poe. “So I thought it was best to just burn them all. Ew.”

“It’s about damn time,” said local snake taxidermist Carole Vanherwaarden. “I have been writing council for years about this… Seems a fair price to pay and they can get funding for housing any old time.”

Distribution of the new pink lady-bins to each residence and business is estimated to cost $420 million. The funds will come out of budgets allocated for low-income housing.

While previous bins cost $125 per household, the lady-bins will cost $400 each.