NANAIMO — Nanaimo mayor Leonard Krog’s breakout rap career will cost taxpayers $420 million this year, because of increased costs for his personal protection.

Krog made the announcement, flanked by four bodyguards, at a City news conference today promoting the release of his new album “Bench Press Yo Mama.”

Krog, also known by his hip-hop moniker “B.I.G. Muscles,” is seeing unprecedented success after the release of his hit single “Walk Like Nobody’s Watching.”

The short tune shows His Worship strutting down a Nanaimo street, freestyling “Kidneys are cool! Kidneys are cool! Come on everyone, it’s Kidney Walk time!”

Hip-hop legends say Krog’s innovative “anti-rhyme” lyrical patterns are ground-breaking. Legendary producer Dr. Dre, interviewed while locked in Slim Shady’s basement, said “Da G ain’t low key. Mayor be hated on by most these fools wit no cheese, no deals, no wheels, and no keys.” It wasn’t entirely clear what he meant.

“Yeeeaaahh booooooy,” agreed Flavor Flav.

Krog’s surprise smash reached the #2 position on the Spotify Top 200 last week.

Krog’s new album drops next week. Other tracks on the album include:

  • Dem Bitches on Jinglepot
  • Newcastle N****as
  • Now Docking: The Queen of Meth
  • Will The Real His Worship Please Stand Up?
  • Protein Powder Life
  • My Trapezius
  • Richer than Rich Gaspari

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