Two enterprising Harewood teens are offering to shovel snow and “watch over” local homes, at no cost to the homeowners.

“We want to be good citizens, so we’re offering to keep an eye on people’s belongings for free,” said Jessie Godderz. “All they have to do is sign up on our web site and we’ll be right over. It’s important to list the location of all valuables so that we can, uh, be extra observant.”

“We also offer snow shoveling, and breast exams for free” added Ian Terry, a grade-11 student, who says he is qualified to perform breast exams thanks to having studied the Wikipedia page.

Ian Terry (left) and Jessie Godderz (right)

The duo said they came up with the idea when they noticed that many homeowners are gone during the day, leaving valuables in the home unattended.

“That’s just not cool,” said Terry. “Somebody should watch those high-value items. Someone trustworthy. Like us.”

Their web site asks potential customers to provide basic details:

Screenshot: Terry and Godderz’ web site

RCMP spokesperson Will Kirby says homeowners should be “very, very careful” about hiring people to watch over their home. “I mean, I’m sure these two… let me try this again. I personally wouldn’t hire… Uh, actually, the RCMP has no position on this service.”

When asked about the higher theft rate among their clients, the pair said it was “totally not our fault, bro.”

Photo by AveryHousePhotography on Flickr.