Team Canada, having lost to the U.S. team at the World Junior Championship, will face off against the team again in a runoff election in Georgia.

“Obviously, it was far too close to call,” explained team coach Nathan Poe. “Many of those goals were shot by people are convicted felons from another country. Uh, and they’ve been dead for 10 years.”

Analysts say they expected the runoff election, especially given that Canada outscored its opponents 41-4 leading up to the game. In fact, the team hadn’t trailed in the tournament before the Americans took the lead.

“The level of fraud that must be at play here is enormous,” said Poe. “I mean, the Americans have now beaten us in four consecutive gold-medal games. They’re not that good.”

“We just need the referees to find three more goals,” he pleaded.

The two teams will advance to the U.S. state of Georgia for a run-off game in two months.