NANAIMO — “I’m just devastated,” said local welder Jimmy McGrath. “I could barely even get out of bed this morning.”

McGrath says he’s mourning the loss of near-monthly elections in Nanaimo. “I’d really come to count on them, you know? The exhilarating highs of the promises, and the devastating lows of the reality that the candidates won’t deliver no matter who we vote in,” he said, nursing a decaf coffee.

McGrath told The Beacon he moved to Nanaimo just a year ago because of all the elections happening. “I just knew I could make a difference with my vote.”

“Also,” McGrath added, “I participate in a lot of the local Facebook groups and thought I could add some reasoned points to the local discourse. They seem like such nice, welcoming places.”

McGrath then went silent, began to rock in his chair and weep quietly. “But that’s it, right? That’s all? There’s no more for, what… years now? What’s the point in even going on now?”

In yesterday’s federal election, the Liberals were returned to power with a large minority government, and Paul Manly from the Green Party won Nanaimo-Ladysmith.