VICTORIA — The B.C. Ministry of Health today released a detailed 16-page brochure with tips on how to best use glory holes.

The publication came after the B.C. Centre for Disease Control advised that one can help control the spread of the Coronavirus by using “barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.”

It also recommended “sexting, online chat rooms, and group cam rooms” as ways to safely engage in sexual activity, noting that people should “be aware of the risks of sharing information or photos online, and web camming.”

This afternoon, the B.C. Ministry of Health supplemented that advice with its brochure, now being distributed to seniors homes, public libraries, and municipal halls.

B.C.’s new glory hole document posted at the VIRL branch on Commercial Street.

The document includes tips on spine health, using inclusive language, and checking to ensure you have the right host prior to engaging in any hole-related activity.

It reads:

Get the Hole Picture 
Before you pop your peen into a neighbour’s glory hole, consider the hole itself. Is it safe? Are there jagged edges? Does it appear to have been sanitized recently? Some people have reported injuries upon insertion, so be sure you stay injury-free*.

Peek Before You Poke
If you are being serviced by a certified B.C. GloryHole SuperHost, they should first politely offer you the opportunity to peek through an eye-level hole to ensure you’ve got the right host.

Avoid Gendered Language
Try to avoid using language specific to an individual gender (for instance: “Oh man, that’s good” or “Keep going, girl!”) and aim for inclusive vocalizations of pleasure. Some options could be: “I am appreciative of this moment of tenderness,” or “Can we make this quicker? My kid’s in the car.”

Watch Your Back
Keep care of your other long and hard bone — your spine! While being attended to, stand with your shoulders back and knees locked. British Columbia hospitals treat more than 420 cases of gloryhole-related spinal injuries per month. Don’t become a statistic.

*Glory hole injuries only covered by WorkSafe BC for construction workers and police officers in uniform with above-average girth. Photographic proof may be required.

In anticipation of complaints, the B.C. government has set up a Glory Hole Complaints line at 778-735-1412.