He’s only been car-dancing for two years, but already Nanaimo welder Jean-Baptiste Augustin has caught the attention of judges on the NBC program “World of Dance.”

Augustin’s YouTube channel has more than 1200 videos of him dancing in his car. “Yeah, basically I’ve got the best moves in the city when it comes to being in traffic.”

This video caught the attention of NBC talent scouts.

Augustin was the 2018 recipient of the City of Nanaimo’s Emerging Artist award, which came with a $250,000 grant “to pursue deep grooves and thicc beats.”

Including his Canada Council of the Arts grant, Augustin has collected more than $3.2 million from Canadian taxpayers.

“I know I’m paying it back with my sweet, sweet moves,” he told The Beacon. “The beat I’m laying down is worth way more than three mill.”

An NBC spokesperson said Augustin’s personality is really what drove them to ask him to appear. “I mean, the guy can’t really dance at all. He can’t hold a beat. But he’s got… I don’t know… sway.”

Augustin joins Nanaimo dancers Jacksun Fryer and Deeya Sharma who appeared recently on the popular program.