After having been voted Nanaimo’s sexiest councillor, Don Bonner should really take more care with his dabs. I mean, honestly. What the fuck is this?!
Come On. D-
Jesus, dude, relax. It’s just a kids’ dance thing. Nobody expected you to take it this seriously. YIKES.
Way Too Much. C+
Now THIS is a dab-worthy post. Casual, untucked shirt, non-commital left hand pose. This screams “Is this good? Meh. I couldn’t care less.” The perfect dab attitude.
The Right Stuff. B+
Um… uh…. this is WHAT, exactly?
Complete Fail. D-
“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting…”
Solid Effort. B-
Reasonably good hand placement. Head looks straight ahead. Definitely a solid attempt of a keener.
Adorable. B+
I mean, holy shit. The form, the stance, even the subtlety of the slight left-hand upward curve. His worship’s world-renowned muscular form clearly makes him the superior candidate here.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. A+