Local RCMP have brought back the Nanaimo Crime Map, popular among many local Facebook Group participants as a way of confirming whether they bought into the right neighbourhood.

“Until now, we had been focused on the more serious crimes like assault, robbery, and theft,” said RCMP spokeperson Jordan Lloyd.

“But what we’ve come to learn is that what people in these Facebook groups actually care about are the more serious issues in our community, like why ‘they’ don’t do anything about it, why that money should totally have been spent elsewhere, and how things like this always seem to happen in our community.”

The restored map now shows events which resonate more firmly with local residents.

Facebook group participants responded with enthusiasm. “This is so stupid,” wrote Harewood resident and A Better Nanaimo group member Gabriel Reyes. “I don’t know why they don’t do something about this.”

“I know, right?” added Angela Ziegler, a “rising star” member of the Nanaimo Talk group. “It’s so dumb. Somebody should do something about this.”

The previous map had gone dormant when the person responsible for updating it went on maternity leave.