Going to a quarantine site might not be fun, but at least there’ll be pork and weed, says one Cedar resident.

Nanaimo City Council has rejected Island Health’s recommended quarantine site (a hospital ward) and will instead quarantine residents infected with the COVID-19 Coronavirus at the shed behind Dave’s house.

“We very much respect the expertise of Island Health’s epidemiologists,” said Mayor Leonard Krog, “But in the end, we felt Dave’s shed was a much better pick.”

Dave, a commercial welder, applied to be a Coronavirus quarantine site on the city’s web site as part of last week’s web contest. It is believed his offer of discounted “medicinal cannabis” tipped the scales in his favour.

For his part, Dave says he’s spent the better part of a week cleaning up the 9-foot-square shed. “You wouldn’t believe the clutter that was in here… needles, beer bottles, my pee jugs,” he said.

Dave’s shed, pictured above, is on the banks of the Nanaimo River in Cedar. He says the two pigs he keeps outside are only a bonus to the quarantine offering. “I mean, if food runs out, we can always fry Porky and Miss Piggy up.”

The City says it had a record number of entries to the contest.

Dave recommends that people continue to get their news about the virus primarily through Facebook posts shared by your family members in Alberta.

Not all Nanaimo residents were happy with the City’s choice:

Get actual facts about COVID-19 from Health Canada’s web site.