NANAIMO — Not to be outdone by their counterparts in Lantzville, Nanaimo councillors have unveiled their pick for a new city logo.

City hall consultations for a new logo have been ongoing for six months, including three public feedback sessions which attracted dozens of interested citizens.

The design consultant was paid $420,000 for the new logo.

In the end, Council decided to adopt a “classic, beautifully delicate, and progressive” design.

Recently, Lantzville adopted a new logo. “Listen, we can’t let those punks get a spanky new logo,” said Nanaimo mayor Leonard Krog, while deadlifting 200lbs weights in an interview with The Beacon. “We’re the alpha city on the Island. Not them.”

The new logo incorporates a hand drawing of mountains, along with the word Nanaimo which has a blue letter ‘i’. “The isolated ‘i’ represents that the city is made of of people,” explained the designer, Nathan Poe. “You know… I. Like ‘me.’ Like ‘people.’ Anyway, I might have been a little stoned.”

Interestingly, the new logo incorporates two fonts widely hated across the Internet — Comic Sans and Courier New. The design choices were deliberate, said Poe. “Everything has a moment where it comes back. Retro is cool again. Just you wait. People will love this.”

What do you think? Love the new logo? Hate it?