NANAIMO — A devious Russian smartphone app is cleverly capturing thousands of face samples from Nanaimo residents and turning them into city councillor Don Bonner.

Thousands of Nanaimo residents are said to have downloaded and used the app, whose privacy policy confusingly states “In soviet Russia, you don’t look like face… Face looks like you!” It’s not clear what this means.

The app appears to provide no other function other than showing users what they would look like if they were the Nanaimo city councillor.

Cyber-security engineer Nathan Poe said it’s not clear why the app only renders faces as Bonner. “It’s possible that the app’s millions of points of facial data have concluded that Mr. Bonner is simply the most representative of attractive, handsome people,

“Or,” Poe added, “Maybe it’s just broken. It’s hard to know.”

A premium version of the app, which costs USD$420, will change all the images on your phone’s camera roll to images of Bonner.