NANAIMO — Nanaimo city councillors are under fire after a photo emerged of them wearing blueface at some kind of previously undisclosed private council meeting.

Councillors, who face re-election in a few years, say they “regret it deeply.”

“We should have known better,” a statement from the councillors said. “We’re disappoited at ourselves.”

The patently offensive costumes were, of course, an attempt to demean members of the popular musical theatrical act Blue Man Group.

“We have worked all our lives to create opportunities for all people who live with blue-toned skin, and fight against racism and intolerance.”

When asked if Council members had appeared in blueface previously, a spokesperson said “There was this one time, at band camp, where we all pretended to be Nemo, but that was just for a Disney-themed night.”

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who was at a “Fuck the Gays” rally, said leaders should practice tolerance and acceptance.

Just four days ago, when Conservative candidates were found making inappropriate statements, Scheer told reporters: “As long as someone takes responsibility for what they’ve said, and addresses the fact that in 2019 some things that may have been said in the past are inappropriate today, that anything they’ve ever said in the past caused any type of hurt or disrespect to one community or another and have apologized for that, I accept that.”

(By the way, all satire aside, he really did say that. Just four days ago.)